Welcome to the Diwan lab website. We are situated in the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine and study how lysosome biology can be therapeutically targeted for enhancing health and prolonging lifespan.

Why study lysosome biology?

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Yang et al-Circ HF-TRAF2-mitophagy 2015.
Yang et al-Circ HF-TRAF2-mitophagy 2015.

Xiao et al-J Neuroscience July 2014
Xiao et al-J Neuroscience July 2014

Godar et al-Autophagy Sept 2015
Godar et al-Autophagy Sept 2015

Yang et al-Circ HF-TRAF2-mitophagy 2015.
Yang et al-Circ HF-TRAF2-mitophagy 2015.

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After intermittent fasting, these 3 men no longer take insulin for diabetes- but experts stress caution

Three people with diabetes were able to stop taking insulin after intermittently fasting, according to a new report

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Obese mouse mothers trigger heart problems in offspring

Effects of high-fat, high-sugar diet on heart passed down three generations                                         


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- David's commentary is published in EBioMedicine. Congratulations, David!

- Moydul's review paper is published in Frontiers in Physiology. Congratulations, Moydul!

- Jeremie Ferey has received best poster award for both the Cardiovascular Research Day and Diabetes Day held at Washington     

   University in St. Louis School of Medicine.


 -  Ali Javaheri's talk and Moydul Islam's poster has been accepted for presentation at AHA Scientific Sessions, scheduled to be held in

   Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from November 16-18, 2019.

- Jeremie Ferey’s poster was accepted and presented for a New Investigator Travel Award at the BCVS  2019 Scientific Sessions, held     

  from July 29- August 1, 2019, at the Westin Boston Waterfront hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.

- Ali Javaheri also presented his work as a poster at the BCVS 2019 meeting at Boston.

- Congratulations to John Murphy for his publication in PLOS Biology, which was accompanied by a  ‘Primer’!

- Ali Javaheri received the American Society of Clinical Investigation’s 2019 Young Physician-Scientist Award, Chicago IL, 2019 and

  presented his work at the meeting.

- Kartik Mani received the Next Generation Investigator Award, from the Research and Development Service at John Cochran VA 

  Medical Center, St. Louis MO during the Annual Research Day on April 19th, 2019


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